Kelsey Karma & K-9 Kare - Keeping your dog's body balanced, comfortable and in motion
Services Offered/Rates per Dog
Dog Walking, Training, Pet Sitting & Canine Care at its best!
   1/2 Hour:       $15.00
     1 Hour:       $25.00
Canine Massage Therapy
   1/2 Hour Massage:      $25.00
    1 Hour Massage:      $40.00
Kelsey's Kustom Kombos
    1/2 Hour Walk Kombo:      $20.00
       30 minute walk and a short social visit or exercise routine, before or after walk, as you prefer.
   1/2 Hour Walk & 1/2 Hour Massage:   $35.00
    1/2 Hour Walk & 1 Hour Massage:     $50.00
   1 Hour Walk & 1 Hour Massage:       $55.00
Kelsey's Krate Eskape!                       $40.00 for up to 8 hours
Want/Need to get away for the day?  Casino Bound?  Tickets for the big game?  But don't want to leave your best friend home alone, or at a kennel?  Call us, even if it's last minute, and we'll visit, walk, feed and water your canine companion from the comfort of his or her own home for the day, so that you can enjoy your great escape guilt-free!
In-Home Petsitting        Rates kustomized per your kustomized needs - kontact us!
Training & Behavioral Guidance    Kustomized to meet your specific needs. 
Kelsey Karma aims to customize its services to meet your needs.  So any special requests that you may have can be addressed in our free, initial consultation when we get to meet you and your Kanine Kompanions!
We look forward to hearing from you soon to help exercise and care for your dog.
Nows, sitt, staye en bee gude!! frumm Kelsey Karma (da dawg)
All rates are subject to change without notice.