Kelsey Karma & K-9 Kare - Keeping your dog's body balanced, comfortable and in motion
About Kelsey Karma's Krew
My lifetime passion for dogs and sports came full circle with the creation of Kelsey Karma & K-9 Kare, dedicated to keeping your dogs as active as possible, for as long as possible.  By providing the much needed exercise they need as well as massage therapy to keep them balanced and comfortable in times of good health and give relief and improvement in times of impaired health.
Pets, most specifically dogs, have always been a big part of my life.  It was in my very young years that I learned the calming effects of dogs, when the physical and mental stresses of highly competitive sports would take their toll, and it was to my German Shepard, Satie, to whom I turned for "therapy."  We would disappear into the woods together and after hours of running with, talking to and touching  Satie, I would return totally refreshed and ready to start all over again with my passion.
Many dogs have, happily and sadly, come and gone since Satie and each have shared their personalities and calming, healing ways with me with their individual styles.
After surviving nearly 20 years in the financial side of the world of corporate management, it took the collapse of the economy for me to truly see how my dog literally saved my sanity, kept me grounded and focused, and totally "got me."
Kelsey Karma & K-9 Kare was founded on the belief that I can help dogs as much as they've always helped me in my life.  Kelsey Karma & K-9 Kare is dedicated to working for and with dogs and named after the "krazy kanine" of a Golden Retriever that inspires me every single day!
Certified in Canine Sports Massage Therapy from Brandenberg Massage, 2009
Certified in Pet CPR & First Aid from Pet Tech
Insured and Bonded

Judy Carlin, CAMT
Certified Animal Massage Therapist

Dog Walking Professional
Serving the Windsor Locks and Hartford County, CT area